So, let's get real here

My name is Mandy.

And I've always been the weird one. Let's just say my mom calls me "the colorful sheep" in the family. I am an onion-peeler. A skinny-dipper. A purpose-seeker. A super-nerd who truly believes that pop culture teaches us as much about ourselves as Plato. And that Oprah is just as valid for insight and inspiration as DaVinci. 

I have an insatiable curiosity for all that is contained within life. I am passionate and, though sometimes exhausted, I am relentless in my journey to expand. Expand both myself and my horizons. I know there is something amazing and undefined about life that we are all seeking to understand - and though the solution looks different for everyone on the outside, I know too that it is always made up of the same elements.

I believe if we use the right tools, we can get to the the beating, pulsating, rawness that is at the heart of life.  For starters: connection, purpose & passion. To take it even further: juxtaposition, zeitgeist, entelechy and ouroboros. But I’m getting ahead of myself – we can get to all of those later. 

Did you catch my TEDx talk? That sums up a lot of the really juicy stuff. Check it out!

I believe in a few core concepts:


  1. It's all one thing; you, me, life, fro-yo; all one thing. We just aren't plugging it into the right equation to understand how...yet.

  2. Life is a mirror. If you don't like what you see, the answers to change the reflection are within yourself.

  3. There's a better way. What is it? It's the search, the journey, the process and the struggle. It's embracing life as a moving target, it's getting your sea legs, it's falling in love with the uncertainty. Learning to give up the goal focus is a lifelong struggle but the closer we get, the happier we are.

  4. Most things are better naked. I don't mean you have to take your clothes off everywhere you go, but you will definitely enjoy life more if you take your mask off. It's scary. It's risky. It's never a fair match or a clean fight but it's so much more real and whoa girl, does that feel exhilarating!

  5. If you're not living yourself raw, you're doing it wrong. You get what you give, what goes around comes around, go big or go home. The only way to fully experience all life has available to you is to dive in head first and figure out how to swim as you go. Jump in the arena and know it will be messy, know that mud + blood will mark both your battle wounds and your badges of honor. And know that when you are exhausted (+ exhilarated), you are finally growing.

Life is all about connection, purpose & passion. To take it even further: ouroboros, entelechy, juxtaposition and zeitgeist but we'll get there. The important part is that I know in my core that we are all a part of something that is bigger. That offers everything we need if we can just connect the right dots there is a bigger picture that will become clear. 

Let's do this together - we can make it (and enjoy the hell out of the journey)!


What do I bring to the table? 

  • A degree in Interior Design
  • Another degree in Math ... and French
  • College Theater scholarship
  • A 20 year struggle with severe depression 
  • A painful divorce after 11 years of marriage

What the #($% do these have in common? 

They address an insatiable curiosity for life and all of the pieces that make it up. They all give different perspective about why we are here and how we can better enjoy this life journey that links us together.

 Here's how I see my life experience:

  • Interior Design
    • Beautiful can look a lot of different ways, it simply depends on the lens you look through
    • In being intentional about our surroundings, we can influence our selves
  • Math
    • Understand the universe through the language it's own language
    • There is real world understanding to be gained from seemingly unrelated and incomprehensible information
  • French
    • Communicate with others using language that they understand
    • We all understand better when we explore better ways to express ourselves - even when there are no words in our vocabulary to do so
  • Theater
    • We all wear masks
    • It is wickedly vulnerable (but fully exhilarating) to take them off
  • Depression
    • We are infinitely strong we are at our core - Yes, you too!
    • We have to be intentional about the lens through which we understand the world around us
  • Divorce
    • Just because we want it, that doesn't mean it is good for us
    • Communication and vulnerability are a practice, not a one-time achievement