Mandy is a rare jewel of extraordinary creativity, passionate beauty, and genuine dedication. I’m so grateful she is in my life.

  "It was such a pleasure discussing ideas about decorating with Mandy. In just one hour she helped me with planning, the most essential part, and I am now confident about several ideas and can stop agonizing over options and feeling bewildered. Also, with more confidence there’s less chance for making costly errors, which is never fun.  Creating a home environment for myself and my family that feels GOOD is really important to me and Mandy has now become an invaluable resource.”


“For anyone who is looking to redecorate a room or a whole house to someone who is building a new home and is overwhelmed by the selections, look no further for someone to help you create the “look” that is “you”! My husband and I purchased a semi custom home and the options were endless. We met Mandy and we went from being overwhelmed to enjoying the process with her help and expertise! She worked with us literally from “the ground up” helping us create a design concept for each room of the home to installation of our selections. Mandy’s design expertise spread the gamut of going through most of our walk through’s during the building process to paint color, wall paper, fabric, furniture, rugs, art, accessories, light fixtures, and mirrors!  Many guests comment, “Your home is so beautiful and comfortable” and we thank Mandy for helping us create this feeling.” 


Whether you know how you want to decorate or just have a few ideas, don’t pass up the chance to work with Mandy to make your home or office something special. Her eye for style, design and color will take your plan and make it a masterpiece! I loved the way she would ‘push the design envelope’ by coming up with ideas that I never would have thought about yet keeping the the look of a room “my style.
— R.S.

  “Mandy is a woman of incredible artistry and talent. Her depth of soul is evident in every word and gesture she expresses. I came to her with a vague idea of how I wanted my home to feel and look like. She wove my abstract descriptions and individual experiences into a tapestry of color and rhythm (all via Skype!). Her exquisite taste (along with my not so extravagant budget) and eye for texture and shape made my home a dynamic living story that now epitomizes the lineage of my life. Every time I come home, I feel like I’m returning to a significant part of my history and living the tales over and over again.”


Mandy is fast and light on her feet; she has exquisite taste and a quick wit. She finds creative solutions for the many challenges that arise with space and light and form in a home. I often don’t know what I want until she interprets my meanderings in a way that just makes sense.
— L.S.

“I work long hours and my home is my sanctuary that I am very proud of, I like to come home to a finished space. I knew my girlfriend and I needed to add accents and accessories however I don’t have the eye to pick out the right things to see it come together. I was concerned about the cost, but [working on a flat fee] was very beneficial – I knew what I was getting and was not continually worried about the cost of the designer, it made [the process] very approachable. Mandy is awesome, she made the process easy, fun and efficient.” 


“Working with Mandy was a delight for both of us and our daughter. While planning the space and choosing furniture and materials over a relaxed period of time, we felt like we became part of [a] family. The result is that our home is now a reflection of our eclectic personalities, not those of the designers. The fact that our choices were honored was important and refreshing. People visiting our home are consistently impressed with the level of sophistication and coziness simultaneously achieved.” 


“My husband Erik and I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Mandy in our quest to decorate our house. As I’m sure you know, building a working relationship with a decorator takes finesse on the part of the designer, she has that finesse! Mandy quickly showed us her skill at listening and divining what we meant as we struggled to find our voice in decorating our house. She skillfully guided us and to date I am delighted with the way our house is coming together as a home.”