Never heard of Visual Mantra? Check out my TEDx Mile High talk:

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Now what? 

Want to be a part of the Visual Mantra Club? Let's do it!

DEFINE your mantra  ||   TRANSFORM your life

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  1. SPREAD the word!
Share the Visual Mantra Challenge on your social media using #visualmantra #journeyinside.
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  2. CREATE a board on your Pinterest page
*Name it “{Name}'s Visual Mantra” 
*Check out mine here
*Join the Visual Mantra Club. Read the first post on how to construct your Visual Mantra and also take a look at those posted by other members!

  3. DEFINE each pin so that we know what you love about it
*Don’t forget your hashtags #visualmantra #journeyinside.
*Add a board description of 3-5 words that encapsulate your pins, your intentions, your dreams and your passions.
*Keep in mind that this will never be “finished”, it can be changed at any time!

  4. SHARE your Visual Mantra
*'Like' my Facebook Page: Mandy Straight, Inc.
*Post a link to your board in the Visual Mantra Club you joined in step 2 so that we can share in your mantra! 
*Don't forget to also post a link to your board on your other social media to get others involved. 
#visualmantra #journeyinside

   5. ENGAGE
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I can't wait to see what we can discover about each other. We understand through sharing what ignites us!



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