Does your house feel like someone else lives there? 

Does coming home exhaust you more than your workday?

I want to give you a tool to change all that


Imagine a home that

fills your everyday with magic

ignites your soul

speaks your language

resonates with who you are at your core

inspires the future that you crave

It is possible

I often don’t know what I want until she interprets my meanderings in a way that just makes sense.
— L.S.
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It's time to shift what your home is saying to you

You can live in rooms that

  • whisper sweet nothings in your ear
  • remind you what you love about life
  • assure that you, yes YOU, are a total rock star in your very own unique way



Here's the truth:

Your home is a reflection of your 'self'


It's easy to get bogged down in the everyday; stuck in the tedious 'should's. It's hard to remember what it was that used to spark that gorgeous self that lives inside you. It's time to up-level your life starting with the interior of your rooms and spreading to the interior of your self

You're ready to take life by the horns and celebrate the journey by integrating all the little pieces of who you are and what you love into the visual messages you send yourself daily. You want a home that not a home that's not about the stuff you own but about how you feel when you spend time in it.

It's time!

-define what ignites you

-integrate bliss into your everyday

-rekindle your passion for life

-shift how you interact with your surroundings

-learn how all your pieces fit together

-build a system to know which pieces are right for you

-create spaces within yourself and your home that are uniquely yours

-design a full life, not a full room

-quit settling for what doesn't make you happy

-connect more deeply to your soul and inner fire

-remember how fabulous life is


Every time I come home, I feel like I’m returning to a significant part of my history and living the tales over and over again. She wove my descriptions and experiences into a tapestry of color and rhythm (all via Skype)!
— T.G.

Are you a little afraid? 

  • You like weird stuff and change your mind a lot. How do you know it will work and you'll like it?

  • Is that thing you saw in the store/online/on HGTV really you or will you hate it next week?

  • How will you know you're making the right decisions?

  • What if you make all of the changes and the pieces don't actually work together?

Don't worry!! Together we will chart your path. We will use your passions and interests and dreams as the kindling, and the ignition!

We don’t see things as we are, we see them as they are.
— Anais Nin

Here's a secret : there is a feedback loop between your 'self', your personal interiors and the world around you. Each side feeds on the other. If we can change one leg of the loop, it initiates change in the others. SO if we create spaces we love to be in then we can start to nourish our own inside to grow to something that we love as well and vice versa.


How is this unique?

My way of defining your interiors - home and self means that you get to:

-choose happy over perfect

-get out of the box: release the labels and the should’s

-create a life that’s better than Pinterest

-expand how you feel not what you buy

-define your you beyond the pages of a magazine

-design a life you love

Mandy is a rare jewel of extraordinary creativity, passionate beauty, and genuine dedication.
— R.A.

Is the Design Your Happy Place Program right for you? 

Are you:

  • you’re ready to cut through the indecision, the hesitation and the static to design a life you love and the spaces to support it
  • you know your space isn't working but you're not quite sure why
  • you know exactly what's wrong but have no clue where to even start in trying to fix it.
  • it looks so easy on TV, but you don't want to buy 'stuff' just because it's the new trend or because you saw it on Pinterest.
  • you want to come home and just have it feel like you

So, are you ready to feel more alive in your everyday life? Do you want to create the foundations to a personal design plan that makes both your home and your life better places to live? 

Had I not created my own world, I would certainly have died in other peoples’.
— Anais Nin
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